Small Business Day At The Capitol

Small Business Day At The Capitol

On March 1 2022, the Arizona State House of Representatives proclaimed this day to be Small Business Day in Arizona.  The North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce was recognized, along with members of the House of Representatives that are business owners.  

Thank you, Representative Kaiser (R-LD15) for signing this proclamation and for honoring the North Phoenix Chamber.


WHEREAS, The American entrepreneurial spirit is a defining quality of our Nation which time and again has lifted us to new heights and carried us through our greatest challenges.  Small businesses are not only the engines of our economic progress — they are the heart and soul of our communities; and,


WHEREAS, Arizona has more than 550,000 small businesses, those with fewer than 500 employees; and,


WHEREAS, The US Small Business Administration estimates that these businesses employ one million workers, representing 44.5% of the state’s private workforce; and,


WHEREAS, nine out of every ten business enterprises that supply the needs and wants of the American people are small and independently owned and operated; and


WHEREAS, these small businesses provide:

  • about one-third of the Nation’s goods and services;
  • abroad source of diversified employment opportunities;
  • an opportunity for expression and growth of personal initiative and judgment;
  • new ideas, new methods, and new products which stimulate our economy; and

WHEREAS, small businesses help to preserve our economic freedom by preserving competition and providing the consumer with a wide choice of products; and


WHEREAS, it is appropriate that we recognize the importance of small business to the maintenance of our free enterprise system and to our continued economic growth:


Now, Therefore, the Arizona State House of Representatives, do hereby recognize all the small business owners in Arizona; and we urge chambers of commerce, boards of trade, and other public and private organizations to participate in recognizing the great contribution made by the 31.7 million small businesses of this country to our prosperous society and to the well-being and happiness of our people.


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